Big Benign Cheer (BBC)

You're worth every cheer!

In an era with a constant need of validation for about every single thing, BBC’s app is there to give you that validation that you need and deserve, no matter how insignificant, minute, or mundane the thing you do is. Everything sounds like an achievement, because it really is!!

Every time you open or close an app, send a text message, take a picture, or scroll through a page, a resounding, cheering sound is blasted through your phone for a job well done!

Premium subscription package: sensors are engaged, with AI capabilities!! Cheerful celebrations (and encouraging statements) for when phone sensors get triggered. For example: when you lifting your phone or when you go for a walk!

Real-life examples: Some bro who just came from the gym: Do you even lift, bro?

BBC app [neckbeard lifting a napkin off the floor in a classy way, pinky up and everything… smartphone mistakes it as lazy af mofo for taking a walk-- more like dumbphone- amiright?]: You go girl!

BBC user: damn right… bro!
[BBC user walks away] BBC app: daaaaaaaaaamnnnnnn, those strides on you!!! hhhhhhhhhhmmmmm!

[Gym bro, with no validation in their life, starts sobbing]. [BBC user decides to consolidate gym bro with a bro job]. BBC app with every stroke: 🎶Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind.🎶 🎶Up and down, up and down.🎶 🎶Y’all gon’ make me go all out. 🎶 🎶Up and down, up and down. 🎶

[at happy ending moment]: Tada!!! 🎶 This is the way that we love, like it’s forever 🎶. 🎶Then live the rest of our life, but together🎶

Gym bro and BBC user fall in love, and they live happily ever after!!!

True story.