Notflix - On demand water streaming for house plants

Exploit the naturals powers of the Water cycle

Watering ur plants now just requires an hands-free 1-click process, which is exclusively patented and this means no other product can have it. Just download the Notflix app, connect to your wifi and set up an account and sign in to your iCloud (sorry no android users at the moment) and finally register your plants. All you need to do now is simply press a large red button to activate the cloud formation.

Our novel Decision Trees and Random Forest Classification algorithms decide precisely the amount, droplet size, frequencies, and timings based on species, temperature and current soil conditions.

Future software updates will be released from the cloud. When the Notflix cloud detects a disease festering in the nursery, it will produce a subtle and non-startling thunder sound to alert the plant keeper about the distressed house plant.

Clouds come in different sizes: 40x30x20, 50x80x100, and due to popular demand, 5x7x8. will be available in fall 2020