Carp Store

your car dashboard needs some c**p

This app store is operated by a well-known car company that like many other companies, requires a steady supply of electricity. The company’s mission is to transform cars into tablets by embedding each and every mechanical aspect of a car into an app running on a tablet.

Some of the company’s greatest hits include:

  • Tilt control for steering - so you can relive Tilt-to-Live with a USD $50,000 car
  • iHonk - a self-honking system that directs a carefully calibrated single honk precisely at a chosen misbehaving driver. The honk is audible only by the receiving driver, who must have the iHonk system installed as well.
  • Travelling Salesman@car - an scientific experiment using millions of internet-connected cars to find an empirical solution to the travelling salesman problem