Game of Drones

a cutthroat, occasionally violent, food-delivery platform

Many food-delivery companies have been accused of anti-competitive behaviour. They underprice their services and attempt to eliminate the competition not through superior offerings but by drowning their rivals in mountain VC cash.

Game of Drones (GoD) is a platform with competition at its very heart. The moment you place your order, it is propagated simultaneously to our delivery partners, who then engage in a fierce all-out war to be the one who ultimately puts that bubble tea order on your doorstep and collects the handsome $5 reward.

In this no-holds-barred competitive atmosphere, the following occurrences are not uncommon:

  • Aerial dogfights between rival drones
  • Pre-delivery based on predicted orders. This may involve a fleet of drones carrying all manner of food items hovering outside your window in anticipation.