Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my company get removed?

It probably violated our Community Guidelines. If you believe it was removed in error, please contact us at [email protected].

Can I format my company description?

Yes, you can use some limited Markdown in your company description. The following syntax is supported:

  • **bold text** renders as bold text
  • _italics_ renders as italics
  • ~~strikethrough~~ renders as strikethrough
  • [link description]( renders as link description
  • bullet points are also supported (use either * or -)
I founded a company. What's next?

No one knows for certain what the future of a startup holds but that’s the true beauty of it.

Can I steal someone's idea to build a real startup?

No, because (1) that’d be stealing, (2) ownership of the IP posted on this site remains with their respective owners, and (3) the quality of most ideas here is questionable at best.

Also, if you do steal it, you can’t patent it because the prior art is right here.

How do I contact Unicorn Valley?

In the unlikely event you have hate mail or fan mail to render unto us, please email us at [email protected].

Who owns my company and the associated IP?

You do. We don’t want it either. But, since we’ve covenanted to display all companies on this site, regardless of quality, we require you to grant us a license to display this content. For more details, see our Terms of Service.